Annien regularly writes articles on health, beauty and Life – is eager to answer any questions in response to your emails, and gives advise on body mind, soul and spirit.

To discuss your Skin care, Beauty or Make-up questions, Health habits and Views on Life


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ADRESS: Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa

Web: www.

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Blogger – Annien Botha
As internasional qualified ex-beauty, spa therapist and home economist, Annien writes about BEAUTY and HEALTH on all levels. In 2012 she was involved in a serious car accident which ended her career as therapist after 20 years. She decided though, to keep on writing and blogging in her career. She inspires with her own thoughts, actions and life story as well as those of the people around her. Under “Blogs” – “Gesonde Leefstyl”


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