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Annien regularly writes articles on Health, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Life – is eager to answer any questions in response to your emails, and gives advice on Body Mind, Soul and Spirit.

Annien is trained as International qualified BEAUTY AND SPA THERAPIST (at Face to Face, Beauty Facts, and Camelot International), with specialized qualifications (such as Iridology, Nutrition, and Exercise Science). She gained 20 years experience in the Beauty, Spa and Clothing industries (doing Spa treatments, Skin and Body treatments, Make-up, Client consultations, Clothing Management and even Counselling.) She has qualified with B Home Economics at the University of Stellenbosch (with subjects such as Nutrition, Clothing, Basic Fashion design, Food Science, and Interior). Other certifications include Modelling and Grooming.


In her twenties, Annien lived almost two years in London – the UK, where she worked in various Clothing Stores and Boutiques, as well as with Cosmetic and Skincare Products in Pharmacies. When young, she took part in Fashion parades, was an extra in Films (such as Egoli) and were used in TV adverts. As Make-up artist, she did presenters Make-up for television, and Make-up & Beauty treatments for many Weddings – including those of South African actresses of all races. She was store Manageress for well-known designers such as Jenni Button. She was also well-received as Speaker on Health and Beauty in front of audiences or companies in Johannesburg. She owned two Beauty salons, of which one was in Virgin Active. She Lectured in Beauty and Spa therapy at various Colleges in Johannesburg and Cape Town. She worked as Beauty and Spa therapist in Pharmacies, Hair salons, various Spas in Johannesburg or Cape Town, and from Home. She also worked as Mobile therapist, doing treatments at Corporate companies in Johannesburg. She gave Beauty treatments such as mani’s and pedi’s for people at home in Cape Town, or Massage treatments for professional people, such as doctors and psychologists.
Annien loved the Stage and appeared in small Drama productions as a hobby. She felt drama was reveiling unknown Characteristics of herself to her (which she then got to know)
Her Creativity and Passion for anything related to Health, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle or just Life in general, or for Teaching, Training and Human Development (as well as a lot of Experience in these industries) is the reason for her self- confidence and success.


Annien had her miracle angle Kids only at 40 and 42 years of age, a beautiful son and daughter, now 11 and 14 years of age.
In her heart she still stays a business woman and not only a mommy. Currently she’s busy writing a few e-books (about her accident, understanding spinal chord injuries, etc), recently completed online courses and research in Copywriting, Image Consulting, various Diets and Money Magic, and is busy with a course in Magazine Journalism (with a previous health editor of Finesse magazine.)



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Blogger – Annien Botha
As internasional qualified ex-beauty, spa therapist and home economist, Annien writes about BEAUTY and HEALTH on all levels. In 2012 she was involved in a serious car accident which ended her career as therapist after 20 years. She decided though, to keep on writing and blogging in her career. She inspires with her own thoughts, actions and life story as well as those of the people around her. Under “Blogs” – “Gesonde Leefstyl”

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