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Hi everyone!

I discovered two forums on the internet and feel so much more enriched for it. Some subscriber on the one forum was mentioning – sarcastically! – my “advanced” English  – so I’m not too sure if writing English blogs as well, is such a great idea! But, here comes one English effort on a new topic – AGEING.

I’ve been writing blogs for WordPress for one year now, and look forward to my future time with you, sharing health and beauty topics that are interesting to me, or that I want to do “research” on at the time.

ANYTHING that contributes to a better quality of life!

I don’t seem to be able to finish my book! I wrote enough to be able to publish it, but then the PC broke. I discovered the paraplegic plus tetraplegic forum www.apparelyzed.com in the meantime, which, together with all the doctor’s reports for the accident fund, just gave me such a new perspective on my health, which I also would like adding to my book. Just to let you know, the e-book WILL be available this year.


It is not going too well health wise. I gathered yesterday from a doctor’s report that my future health – due to the accident, doesn’t look too good. Allthough I lived half of my life passionately, the accident aged me considerably – in body and mind. I feel that my aged parents have more suppleness and energy than myself. They call us tetraplegics or quadroplegics (those who could walk after spinal chord injury.) The tetraplegic forum on http://www.apperalized.com helps a lot with my questions. I try to keep living a fairly normal life with the kids, and even volunteered to go as one of the mom leaders to the school camp next week, although my attorney says I could never do it. See, I LOOK perfect but it’s how I FEEL and what I’m still CAPABLE of. The last doctor said in his report –

“Her general appearance and actions are very misleading and her degree of disability was not very obvious until I examined her.”


I finally put down my last cigarette the first of January as it was really contributing to my depression, whereas before it was just some way of escaping it. I felt like I was helping myself on into my grave! Also, the upcoming of a new year I think was ‘rockbottom’ for me. I just didn’t want to repeat a year like last year..no exercise, not eating healthy, so tired and even depressed when I wake up, no reading and so on. It all felt like I was going Downwards! I already realized that I lost a lot of ENERGY and VITALITY after the injury in the accident, and that it made me feel 10 years OLDER than my age, where before, I used to feel 10 years YOUNGER than my age. But really, surely this didn’t mean I had to ‘let go’ and become so negative and self pitying!
So yes, I tried something new, as you can’t expect different results if you keep on living in a rut, making no changes. I stopped finally. And it worked. There were still some problems and seemingly even more worries which before I would “numb” with the smoking, but not enough to make me smoke again! (Even though I was so disorientated ha ha that I searched for things to worry about during the empty slots of time!)

To stop smoking, I made use of the forum on www.quitsmokingboard.com. (a Forum is normally a discuss group where you can write a post or article on any related topic you choose, and subscribers to the forum then may answer, or even criticize you!)

On this forum I told the subscribers two or three times that I was “now quitting”, and then soon I had to  admit I didn’t keep my word! Then I suddenly or finally stopped (like in most cases of stopping where people try several times before they finally stop.) It wasn’t a week, and apart from quiet “doing-nothing” times, I didn’t even think about the smoking anymore…!

My best final personal advise for stop smoking are :

1. Besides maybe a forum, don’t tell ANYBODY you’re quitting or are going to quit. Especially not those at home or with you. So that you don’t feel deprived or that anyone is focusing on you, or are waiting in anticipation for you to fail in your attempt!

2. Keep busy. I stayed busy most of the time, it helped! Fill empty slots of time with education and reading upbuilding quit smoking – material like on the above site.

3. I reminded myself constantly to pay attention to the words that come out of my mouth. Just for perhaps the brain is “listening” to any negative thoughts and convinces me to smoke again.

4. Plus, I told myself (an AA principle)..‘WhatEVER you do… DON’T smoke’!!!

Initially I was so bo-ored! On top of that, I realised coffee didn’t taste as nice as before, but I even succeeded in “persuading” myself that it still does taste well! (Lately I like to add a rusk, sandwich or even a small chocolate to my morning coffee!)


The more you exercise, the younger you look (at least). You also look younger because you lost weight. I started going to gym this week, and found that diminishing strength makes me struggle to lift even a small weight whereas before the accident going quite heavy was easy!


One feels so much lighter when you’ve de-cluttered your surroundings as well as your mind. I heard minimalism is quite “in” for this year, and keep myself busy by still trying to minimalize my life as far as possible. I visited minimalism sites like becomingminimalist.com and other similar ones, and subscribed to their newsletters. These newsletter or articles I  place in labled folders on my PC and read in my relaxation time. (You could do same with my newsletters!)

As I’m not physically so strong and fast as before due to my injury, and still endure pain, I struggle without a full-time help in the house, but do not seem to find someone suitable here in Cape Town. Will just have to lower my standards of a perfect house plus keep on minimalizing and decluttering even more, for convenience sake!

In the light of the above, I am now changing my ABOUT page of my blog. The good news I hope is, I will try to write blogs more often during this year, start varying the topics at times, and might also use some of my blogs in the e-book.

Enjoy reading!


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As former international Beauty and Spa therapist, Annien motivates and gives advise on body mind soul and spirit

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