Declutter Fast!

Decluttering means the difference between feeling good or feeling bad when you look around you.

Decluttering can be made so much easier by simply emptying a space before you fill it up again!

The best way to declutter any space is to clear the room of everything except the furniture.

So first, empty a room of ALL “stuff”!

Then, for your own happiness and sanity, allow the room to have only the furniture that you actually use and LIKE.

Then the room takes on a useful life that serves YOU, and not the other way around!

Then you can decide the PURPOSE of each room.

Ask yourself: what exactly do I want to use each room for – and what do I NOT want to do in that room, too?

Some rooms are for working, and some aren’t.

Some rooms are possible for exercise equipment, and some are not.

Some rooms can be okay for watching movies, and in others, absolutely not!

Thinking about the plan for each room will help you make your home the place you enjoy… your personal haven that you have created with love!

Life can certainly be tough at times. But a home that brings us cheer is a gift to ourselves that gives us strength to face the challenges of life.

Here’s to the joy of order in your life.

Mimi Tanner

Published by Health & beauty

As former international Beauty and Spa therapist, Annien motivates and gives advise on body mind soul and spirit

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