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Hi there I am Annien. Welcome to my blog! I had a car accident in 2012, which left me a walking quad. Those who don’t know me well, do not even pick this up. This can be a plus or a minus. Read further and find out more!

If you’re looking for articles featuring inspiration or the latest in health and beauty, look no further.

This is a motivational website describing my lifestyle transformation. Advice and courage are offered completely FREE on HEALTH, BEAUTY and LIFESTYLE – to spinal chord injured people – and everyone else! 

I’m an ex-Beauty and Spa therapist. Those days are long gone for me. After a traumatic car accident I turned, overnight, into a “walking quad”. I was paralysed for three months but by the grace of God, learnt how to eat, write, shower and walk again. I had to say goodbye to my 20 years in the Beauty, Spa and Fashion industries but decided to keep writing on Health, Beauty and Fashion, adding a bit of the revelations I gained through my accident. I can help you, as walking quad, or complete spinal chord injured victim, or anyone else down in the dumps, to look forward, lift your head up and still make the BEST of yourself. I believe that everything can work together for your good. But it depends only on a positive attitude towards life.
This page is also my views on health and beauty. You can be both healthy and beautiful – but only by your Creator, who made you in His image, and who wants the best for you and to be the best you can be. Hope this already inspires you! I believe in health and beauty on ALL levels – body, mind, soul and spirit. For me… the SPIRIT comes first. Now, more than ever, I have a holistic approach on Health and Beauty, which means I care about the improvement or development of one’s overall well-being – the whole person. With my writing I focus on your optimal well-being. And believe me…the field is so wide, there will always be a fresh topic appearing!
Sometimes I just like to download my feelings and blog, but I prefer to do research on my interests and provide regular, easy-to-read information (articles) focusing on Beauty and Fashion, but especially on Health, Lifestyle…and LIFE in general!
I strive to study and improve my own life, thoughts and actions, as well as those of people around me – spinal chord injured ”walkers”, those who can’t walk at all, and just ”normal” people, which appreciate, or don’t appreciate, what they’ve got! I would love to inspire you with my life and views, with what I learnt through my accident, as well as with other’s real-life stories and feelings. Bonus: You will also get in-depth insights and advice from other Health and Beauty experts.
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I am far from perfect and sometimes struggle with self-esteem, especially after my accident. I experience that it is so much harder to feel Healthy and Beautiful and act with confidence in my current situation (with physical disabilities or injury complications, pain, lack of balance, and ”unhandiness”).  I often still feel… I am not my best self and will never be able to BE it again!
Did you now, physical pain can evolve everything, every thought. All your focus becomes directed on the pain? I have the normal frustrations of the ”walking quad.” Self pity (even anxiety) sticks it’s ugly head out when someone says: ”You should be glad you’re not Paralyzed!” as if they don’t see your pain. When the normal is expected of you, you want to answer: ”Please don’t compare me with how I was before! I’m not the same! Or not the same as you!” I would become even more frustrated when I cannot do what I did before, or think about what I WOULD have been able to do now, if the accident didn’t happen. So many dreams were shattered – to name a few:  the dream to still sing with my guitar to others or teach my kids to play the guitar, play tennis or dance with them, just pampering them, to become a gym instructor, and of course – continuing my career as spa therapist..
But writing or blogging about Beauty, Health (Lifestyle) and Life surely does help.
How do I make the MOST of my current situation, or make the best of myself? This is what I will write about..
In my fight against pain, I’ve learnt some LESSONS so far:
  • You have to accept your new “normal/reality”, to forget the past and accept who you are NOW.
  • I have to take it day by day, live in the moment and make the best of every little thing, focusing on doing it for God alone. When you give your best as if for Him only, it shouldn’t really matter what others think!
  • Maybe for this season of my life, I have another purpose, or purposes.
  • Some weaknesses (in my case my damaged body) – although not caused by God – He ”leaves” with me so I can depend on Him (otherwise I think I can do it all by myself!)
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I am eager to answer any questions in response to your emails. Reach me at:

Cell/Whatsapp: 081 261 0009

Read more about me on My Story and About the Coach
With love –
Annien x

Blogger – Annien Botha.  As internasional qualified ex-beauty, spa therapist and home economist, Annien writes about BEAUTY and HEALTH on all levels. In 2012 she was involved in a serious car accident which ended her career as therapist after 20 years. She decided though, to keep on writing and blogging in her career. She inspires with her own thoughts, actions and life story as well as those of the people around her. http://www.voelgoed.co.za Under “Blogs” – “Gesonde Leefstyl”

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    1. Thank you so much Linda! When you write for free..using your limited time for this..its soo great when you find your actual purpose gets fulfilled..and that is to inspire..even if its only one individual..then its worth it xx


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    1. Thanks a lot for the positive remark!! I see you’re writing on prostate cancer? I have a special feeling for cancer in general..and have even read books about it (even if I don’t have cancer myself, nor has anyone close to me). I do accosiate my lifestory and physical pain a lot with cancer victims though. And always try and learn coping skills from them!I’m going to have a look at your site now ××


  2. Continue the fantastic work , I read few blog posts
    on this site and I believe that your websiteis definitely interesting and has a lot of excellent info.


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